POLi Banking

POLi is an online payment method which is particularly popular in Australia with online gamblers. This method is free to use, it is accepted at most of our top-rated Australian online casinos and it is a great way to get money to your preferred online gaming account. However, this is a deposit method only and cannot be used to withdraw any winnings from your online gaming account.

How to Use POLi

Before you can use POLi to deposit money into your online gaming account, you need to contact your bank and then apply for internet banking. As soon as your online banking has been activated, you can use POLi as the middle man between your gaming account and your bank. POLi can be used to deposit funds only and not for withdrawing your winnings and you need to make sure that you have enough money in your account before you can start using this reliable method.

When you visit the cashier section at any of our featured online casinos, simply scroll through the list of accepted payment options and keep an eye out for the POLi logo. You don’t even need to register with POLi to use their money transfer services and you also won’t even need to supply POLi with any credit card details. Simply enter the desired amount that you wish to send to your favourite online casino and this cash can then be sent straight to your casino account.

Providing you have followed the simple onscreen instructions and providing you have entered the correct details, there is no reason why the funds shouldn’t appear in your online gaming account within a matter of seconds. POLi is really easy to use and this is one of the main reasons why so many Australian players use this method. You won’t be charged for using it and once you have made your first ever deposit with POLi, future deposits will be really straight forward.

Pros of Using POLi

POLi is an effective online casino payment solution and it is now widely accepted. This is a great method to use if you prefer not to use credit or debit cards at online casinos such as Visa and MasterCard and it is also ideal for players who prefer not to use e-wallets such as Skrill and NETELLER.

  • POLi is one of the most secure online payment options for Australian players and each transaction is protected by the highest levels of security.

  • POLi transactions are completely anonymous which is ideal for online gamblers and no personal details or sensitive can ever be passed on to third parties.

  • No sign up information is needed, which means that you won’t have to enter your personal information.

  • A POLI deposit will be processed in an instant and you will also receive an instant confirmation from POLi that the payment was properly processed.

  • POLi is now accepted at many of today’s best Australian online casinos, so if you have already applied for internet banking with your Australian bank you may want to consider using this effective payment method.

  • POLi can be used by desktop and laptop users, plus it can also now be used by smartphone and tablet users.

  • POLi is really easy to use, which is why millions of players choose this method as a way of getting instant funds to their preferred online gaming account.

Cons of Using POLi

Although POLi is a great way for Australians to get money into their online gaming account. This is NOT a method which can be used to withdraw your winnings. The fact that POLi is only a deposit method often puts players off from even considering using this method.

  • POLi CANNOT be used for withdrawals, which means that when it is time to withdraw some of the winnings you have amassed you will have to find some alternative method.

  • POLi can only be used by players in Australia and New Zealand, so if you live elsewhere and have been thinking about using this method, you won’t be able to.

  • Once you have made a payment with POLi, there is no way that your deposit can be reversed. In other words, make sure that you enter the correct amount when depositing with POLi and try to make sure that you don’t add an extra zero on the end of your deposit amount.

  • Not everywhere accepts POLi. Although this is now an extremely popular online payment solution for millions of Australian players, it is still not accepted everywhere. You may find that some online casinos haven’t yet added this reliable method.

  • Unlike most other deposit methods such as credit cards, debit cards and ewallets which keep a history of your transactions that you can view at any time, there is no way that you can keep an eye on your transactions through POLi. However, you will receive a receipt/confirmation when a deposit has been successfully processed.

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