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What is Online Baccarat?

Baccarat is a relatively simple, but extremely popular card game that you can enjoy playing right now at any of our featured online casinos. In this section you can learn about some of the most common types of baccarat that are now widely available in the real money mode and in the free play mode. There’s also an FAQ section, as well as tips & advice that we hope some of you will find useful. To check out the great information featured on this page either use the links found in the page contents box or alternatively scroll down the page for more info.

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Introduction to Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that has been played for more than a century and it can now be enjoyed online at any decent Australian online casino. You can sign in to your account and you can now find several popular varieties, all of which are generally available in the real money mode and in the free play demo mode. It doesn’t take long to learn how to play this fast paced game and some of the best versions have been developed by our favourite online casino software providers. The rules are fairly straightforward and this is what tends to make Baccarat such a fun game to play.

While you are learning to play this game, you could start by practising in the free play demo mode and then you can jump straight in to the real money mode as soon as you have figured out the rules. Don’t forget that when you play baccarat online you can easily click on the in-play rules/help/options section as many times as you like, at least until you get used to playing. This is an ideal game for low rollers, high rollers and everyone else in between.

Types of Baccarat

When you play baccarat online today you can generally find several different varieties, but three of the most popular varieties that you are likely to come across include Chemin de Fer (also often referred to simply as chemmy), as well as Punto Banco (North American Roulette) and also Baccarat Banque (aka à deux tableaux). Most online casinos now have one or two other types of baccarat available such as progressive baccarat and perhaps high limit baccarat.

The rules are fundamentally the same with whichever version you decide to play and you will find that some games are played with just 1 deck of 52 cards while other versions of baccarat will be played with up to as many as 6 different decks. One of the exciting things about playing online at any of our featured online casinos is that you can also now find live dealer baccarat. Most of these games can be launched either instantly in your web browser or from within a casino download client, plus you can also now enjoy playing baccarat from your smartphone or tablet device.

All baccarat varieties that are available online today are generally quite similar looking to each other and once you have learned how to play once particular type, you should be able to learn how to play most other blackjack varieties in no time at all. If you want to enjoy playing on some of the best baccarat varieties currently available, head over to any of our top-rated Australian online casinos now.

How to Play Baccarat

When you play baccarat there are three main types of bets to begin with. You can place a bet that the player’s hand will win. You can bet that the bankers hand will win, or you can bet that the game will end in a tie. You must start by placing a wager on who you think will win then when you have finished laying your chips down on the table the dealer will start drawing the cards. The player will be dealt a hand and the dealer will also be dealt a hand and you can see the total value of each hand by adding the two values together. A third card may need to be dealt to one or both of the hands to determine a winner.

In baccarat the Ace is worth 1 point and all of the other numbers are worth their face value apart from the 10, which is worth 0 (zero) points. The J, Q and K also have zero value. The winner is the hand that is closest to 9 points. If a hand adds up to a two digit number, you would disregard the first digit. Therefore if you have a 9 and a 4 (9 + 4 =13), this hand would be worth 3 points and if the other person has a 5 and a Queen, this hand would win. With most online baccarat games, betting on the outcome to end in a tie will pay 9:1 and betting on the banker or the player will usually pay 2:1.

Baccarat Tips and Advice

This section contains some useful baccarat tips & advice and it is geared more towards new players who have never played the game before. The best piece of advice to give would be to try and avoid placing big bets too often on the outcome of the game ending in a tie.

  • Although the outcome of a tie has big odds and can pay out huge if it does occur, it doesn’t happen too often which is why you should steer clear of this bet.

  • Remember to check the odds because some versions of baccarat will have slightly different odds than other versions.

  • Start by playing in the free play mode and then you can advance to the real money mode once you have familiarised yourself with the rules.

  • Learn how to add the cards up. Although it won’t affect the outcome it would be good if you could learn the value of each of the cards and how to add them together.

  • Gamble sensibly when playing in the real money mode. Don’t gamble more than you can afford and never try and chase your losses in baccarat.

  • Quit when you are winning. If you have managed to turn your initial bankroll into a profit then it would be a good idea to stop playing while you are ahead.

  • Ignore strategy and formulas for winning. The best thing to do would be to just go with your gut feeling and ignore all of the ‘strategies’ that are out there, because none of them are proven.

Baccarat FAQ

We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions that specifically relate to baccarat and we have also answered each of these questions for you. The following useful information is geared towards Australian players who are looking to play this game at any of our featured Australian online casinos.

Can I Play Baccarat Online in Australia in the Real Money Mode?

Yes. It is legal to play in the real money mode at any of our reviewed online casinos if you live in Australia.

Can I Play Online Baccarat in the Free Play Mode?

Yes. You can play on most baccarat varieties in the free play demo mode at any of our featured online casinos.

Is Baccarat an Easy Game to Learn How To Play?

Yes. Baccarat is one of the easiest casino card games to learn how to play and this I what makes it such as popular game.

Do I Have to Download Online Casino Software to Play Baccarat?

Not necessarily. You generally have the option of being able to play instantly in your web browser or from within a perfectly secure casino download client, the latter of which will always be free to install.

Can I Play Progressive Baccarat Online Today?

Yes. Almost all of our top-rated Australian online casinos have progressive baccarat available.

Do I Need to Learn a Strategy or Formulas to Really Do Well in Baccarat?

No. This is just a myth. There is no proven formula and there are no proven strategies that will give you the upper hand. However, you should avoid placing frequent bets on the result ending in a tie.

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