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What is Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most popular card games available online today and it is also often referred to as a table game. On this page we will be taking a look at how you can play this game, plus there is also a useful Caribbean Stud Poker FAQ section as well as plenty of useful Caribbean Stud Poker tips and advice that is designed to help new players. To learn more about Caribbean Stud Poker please use the navigation links found in the "Page Contents" box.

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Caribbean Stud Poker Screenshot
Caribbean Stud Poker Screenshot

Introduction to Caribbean Stud Poker

Unlike many poker games where you have to play against other players to win, or where you don’t have to play against anyone, in Caribbean Stud Poker you have to play against the dealer and the aim is to try and beat his hand with the best possible winning poker hand. Knowing when to bet is really important in this game and it would also be a good idea to have a basic knowledge of the different winning poker hands that are available.

When you play online Caribbean Stud Poker you can either play in the real money mode or in the free play demo mode and even if you are new to this game it shouldn’t take too long to get to grips with the rules. Don’t forget that you can refer to the rules as often as you like when you play online.

This is an ideal game for low rollers and high rollers and everyone else in between and there are some basic strategies that you can bring to your game which can often help you win the hand. Although lady luck does play a big part, sensible betting and knowing exactly when to call or fold is just as important when playing this game.

Types of Caribbean Stud Poker

Unlike most other online casino games such as pokies, video poker and blackjack, which have hundreds of different varieties available, there is only one version of this game available. The other game that is fairly similar to Caribbean Stud Poker is Caribbean Draw Poker. In Caribbean Stud Poker you will be dealt your five cards first and the dealer will then receive his five cards. In Caribbean Draw Poker these cards will be dealt between you and the dealer, rather than receiving all five cards at once.

One of the other main differences between these two games is that the dealer normally must have a pair of 8’s or higher to qualify in Caribbean Draw Poker, but he can qualify with just a high card in Caribbean Stud Poker. If the dealer doesn’t qualify with his hand then you will win the ante and if you make a call bet you will also receive that money back as well. One of the other main Caribbean Stud Poker varieties that you can find online today is Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker.

To be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot you generally need to place a side bet (also known as a jackpot bet) in addition to the ante bet. Depending on which hand you end up with will then determine exactly how much of the jackpot (or the side bet bonus) you can win. For example a royal flush normally pays 100% of the jackpot, whereas a straight flush may only pay 10% or 20% of the progressive jackpot.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

The rules of this game couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is click on the new game button when you have launched this game and then select your stake. You can set your stake by clicking on the different chip denominations. As soon as you are ready, you can either hit the ‘deal’ button or the ‘rebet’ button to start a new round. You will then instantly be dealt a total of five face-up cards and then the dealer will also deal himself five cards, one of which will appear face up while the remaining four cards will appear face down.

A new round of betting will now begin and you can either call or fold, based on the strength of your hand and also based on the dealer’s card that you can see. If you call, the same amount that you initially wagered will be taken from your balance and the remaining four dealer’s cards will be turned over. If you have a stronger hand than the dealer, you will instantly receive your payout.

Winning with a high card in Caribbean Stud Poker generally pays 1:1. Winning with 1 pair also pays 1:1. Two pairs will pay 2:1. Three of a kind will pay 3:1. A straight will pay 4:1. A flush will pay 5:1. A full house will pay 7:1. Four of a kind will pay 20:1. A straight flush will pay 50:1 and the royal flush will pay 100:1 and/or the progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips and Advice

This section contains some useful Caribbean Stud tips and advice and it is designed to help new players who are looking to play this game for the very first time. Before you start playing this game for real money, we recommend playing a few hands in the free play demo mode to begin with.

Caribbean Stud Poker FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions that pertain to Caribbean Stud Poker are answered right here and this is useful reading for Australian players who are keen to learn more about this exciting card game. You can now enjoy playing this game at many of our top-rated Australian online casinos.

Can I Play Caribbean Stud Poker for Real Money if I Live in Australia?

Yes. But we only recommend playing Caribbean Stud Poker for real money at the trusted online casinos that have been reviewed for you right here on this website.

Are there any Useful Caribbean Stud Strategies?

Yes. Before you start playing you need to learn the different poker wins so that you can make better decisions on whether to call or fold after you have seen your cards.

Is Caribbean Stud Poker Available in the Free Play Mode?

This game is available in the free play mode, but not a great deal of online casinos do actually have this game available in this useful mode.

Can I Play Caribbean Stud Poker Instantly in My Web Browser?

Yes. You can generally play either instantly in your web browser, from within a perfectly secure casino download client, or from your smartphone or tablet device.

Which Online Casino Software Provider Has Developed the Best Caribbean Stud Poker?

In our opinion, two of the best Caribbean Stud Poker games available online today have been developed by Playtech and NetEnt, but the Playtech version is more widely available than the NetEnt version.

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