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What is Online Video Poker?

Easy to learn and even easier to play, online video poker is an exciting casino game that translates perfectly from land-based casino to your device because it’s already digital. Video poker continues to grow in popularity in Australia and around the world as poker players find a game that suits their style more than pokies. Below we have a quick video poker tutorial to get you into the game. We have also included a video poker FAQ section and some basic video poker tips and advice which some of you will hopefully find useful. Please use the links found in the "Page Contents" section to easily navigate through the various sections found here on this page dealing with video poker. When you are ready to learn more about online casinos that offer Video Poker, check out the review pages.

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Introduction to Online Video Poker

Video poker’s ancestral lineage dates back to the 19th century when mechanized poker machines made their debut all decked out with spinning reels, gears and levers. These mechanical poker bots remained popular in saloons and gambling dens until they started to give way to their upgraded video brethren in the 1970s. In the 70s what would be recognizable as video poker today began appearing in casinos. As technology improved so did video poker, with better screens for tapping away your discards to replace them with winners. The object of the game is to make the best poker hand possible and collect your winnings. There is no opponent just your own skill to determine what to throw away, and what to keep. If you know your poker hands and what makes a winner you already know how to play.

What Types of Online Video Poker are available?

Video poker comes in a few different variations, so make sure you know what you’re playing before choosing your discards. What constitutes a winning hand can also vary slightly between video poker games. Sometimes you need Jacks or Better to qualify a winning hand, while in some games any pair will do. Remember, if you’re playing Jacks or Better, that pair of 10s you have doesn’t pay. The main difference when it comes to the variations of video poker is wild cards. Some games don’t have any wild cards and you only have the 52 cards in the deck to worry about. In that variation what you see is what you get. There is also Deuces Wild Video Poker. In this variation all twos are Wild Cards and can help you make better higher-playing hands easier. There is also Joker Poker. In this variation two or more Jokers are added to the deck and they act as wild cards, improving your chances of hitting a big-money hand.

How Do you Play Online Video Poker?

The first thing you need to do when playing video poker is choose how much to bet. Most video poker games will let you wager 1-5 credits per hand. Make sure you know how much one credit is worth before making your bet. Once your bet is placed, you’ll be dealt out five cards face up. Now your poker knowledge comes into play. From your five cards, you need to decide which to keep and which to discard to try and make up the most valuable hand. You’ll draw the same number of cards you discard to make up another five card hand. You can discard anywhere from zero to all five cards to try and make up a winning hand. Once you’ve discarded and collected your new cards, whether you have a winner will depend on the hand values listed in the pay table. Hands are ranked the same way they are at your home poker game. A pair, or Jacks or better is most variations, is the lowest hand that pays. That’s followed by two pair, three of a kind, a straight and a flush. After that there’s a full house, four of a kind, straight flush and the biggest payout available, a royal flush. If you’ve got a winning hand you collect your winnings and start all over again with a new wager and five new cards.

What are Some Online Video Poker Tips and Advice?

Our experts have produced some advice for video poker along with a few video poker tips that we hope some of you will find useful when you next play this exciting game at any of our featured Australian online casinos. The best piece of advice for Australian players would be to play on this game in the free play demo mode to begin with.

Online Video Poker FAQ

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to video poker. These questions are often posed by players who are new to the game and the answers are particularly aimed towards Australian players who are looking to play either in the real money mode or in the free play demo mode.

Are Video Poker Games Online Fair?

Yes. Although the outcomes are determined by Random Number Generators (RNG’s), the results are still as realistic and as fair as can be. When you are playing with any of the trusted Australian casinos, your money is in good hands and the game play is legitimate and fair.

Can I Play Video Poker in My Web Browser without Having to Install Any Programs onto My Computer?

You can play instantly in your browser and some online casinos may also have a downloadable version of their online casino as well. You can also now enjoy playing video poker from your smartphone or tablet device at many Australian mobile casinos.

Which Online Casino Software Provider Has Developed the Best Video Poker?

That may depend what variations of video poker you are looking for. All of our favourite online casino software providers have developed some really exciting variations of video poker that are all worth checking out.

What Is Multi-Hand Play?

Multi-hand video poker allows players to play multiple hands at once. The number of hands varies in different video poker games but it could be 4 or 5 hands or even dozens if the screen’s big enough. Each hand is played separately with their own wager. Multi-hand game play is exactly the same as the game play in single hand video poker. You are dealt multiple five card hands and you must choose which cards to keep in each hand. The hands are not drawn from the same deck so you could have the same cards in multiple hands. Basically, it is like every hand is being dealt from its own deck.

What Is the Gamble Feature?

Some video poker games have what is known as a gamble feature included. This activates at the end of every winning hand. It’s a simple double or nothing game that allows the player to wager everything they just won on a 50/50 proposition. This could be something like a con flip or a card drawn from the deck and guessing whether it will be red or black. If you’re correct you double your money. If you’re wrong, you lose it all. This feature is always optional if it is included in the game you’re playing.

How Do I Read the Payouts and Pay Tables?

Most video poker payouts are paid out in a “for one” format as opposed to the “to one” format typically paid in most casino. Under a “for one” format what you see on the payouts table is what you receive when you win with that hand. The credit wage you make is initially seen as a payment to play the game, but can effect what the payout tables rates are. For example if you wager one credit and win with Jacks or Better it would pay one credit back. If you pay two credits the same hand would pay you two credits back. Each win would be an even money win.

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