Problem Gambling

Some online gamblers simply don’t know went to stop, or they do know when to stop, but they just have little or no self-control over how much they gamble. The good news is that help is out there. Today there are numerous charitable, non-profit organisations that offer their help & support for problem gamblers. Some of today’s problem gambling websites are state controlled and some are controlled by approved agencies.

These websites can be contacted 24 hours per day and you can often reach a trained member of support by telephone (usually toll-free), by email or by live chat. Some of these websites also now provide Skype support, plus you can occasionally interact with other problem gamblers or search for answers via forums. You don’t ever need to sign up to these websites and you don’t even need to give your details. They are basically there to offer free advice and guidance and someone will always be on standby.

Before gambling does become a problem for you either at an online casino, online poker room or online sportsbetting site, the best thing to do when you open up a real money account at one of these websites would be to set either daily, weekly or monthly spending limits, or deposit limits. As soon you have reached the limit that you set you will NOT be able to exceed this limit until the next day, week or month. We recommend setting limits that are well within your budget. You can also take a break for a while by selecting the self-exclusion feature. This feature is available because gambling websites are supposed to be actively promoting responsible gambling.

If you feel as though you, a family member or a friend has developed a gambling problem, you should contact one of the following organisations immediately and ask for some free advice. One of the main organisations in Australia is Gamblers Anonymous Australia (, but there are plenty of other similar organisations out there that are trained to deal with problem gambling in its many different shapes and forms. Basically, you are not alone and there is support out there for you.

Some of the other major organisations include Gambling Therapy, Gam-Anon and GamCare. If you feel as though you can’t talk to a friend or family member, you should really try and get hold of one of the trained support agents at one of these websites. Sometimes you can fill out simple questionnaires to find out how bad your gambling problem is. These quick questionnaires can be filled out in less than a couple of minutes and the results are often extremely accurate.

You can also find help at these websites just by looking around and reading the blogs & articles that related to problem gambling and by reading through the frequently asked questions section. Don’t forget that these websites don’t require a registration fee and you don’t ever need to leave your details. Problem gamblers should never suffer in silence and they should try and seek out the help which is now widely available.

Problem Gambling Help Resources

Below are links to the best Australian problem gambling help resources.

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